Patent P 4006 issued in 2006 is a foundation of proposed project. A new patented wind engine type is significantly differed from old created engines (drawing and description see:; it is a principally distinctive construction, where round-robin engine’s defect is initially absent. In particular, it is reached an increasing of coefficient of efficiency of round-robin wind engine. A low coefficient of efficiency of round-robin wind engines is stipulated by moving of its passive part of wheel in opposite wind direction and negative forces are appeared, and it leads to decreasing of torque moment developed by active part of wheel. The increasing of coefficient of efficiency in a proposed engine is achieved in an original and simple way, in particular, by wings, which are attached on a rotated stem by 90% of engine axis; one of them is in a working condition, and other is obligatory in the feather and it is occurred without any additive mechanisms only at the expense of axis, and it is stipulated by increasing of coefficient of efficiency of this engine simplicity and equilibration with a coefficient of efficiency of propeller engine. In these cases, many advantages of round-robin engines are appeared in comparison with propeller ones; in particular, no matter the wind direction, and its volatility, increasing of diameter wind wheel does not lead to relevance of supporting mast height increasing and a mast is always remained a constant height equal to 15 m at engine creation of any power, it gives the possibility to fix energetic part of reducer not only on the mast, generator, transformer, switches and etc., as it is necessary in the case of propeller engines, but also independently, on the ground of zero height, and it excludes an appearance of additive vibrations in their constructions and simplifies their maintenance. Moreover, it is known that expensive materials obtained by complex technologies are used for propeller modern engines production, exceptionally for getting powerful ones. Because of it, a cost of propeller engine increases, only for round-robin engines production mass widespread materials are used.
Hollow Shaft

The wind engine contains a vertical hallow shaft 1, in which the conjugated wind wheels are fixed 2, and positioned at different level of steps and angles. The length of the step is equal to one conjugation of working surfaces of the wind wheel and the angle of the circle between the wind wheels is equal to 60 degrees.
The hollow shaft is put through the farm construction 3 and connected to the redactor through the cardinal conveyance 4. Its output shaft gear tooth of the wheel (belt) connected to the generator 6. The redactor and generator are installed on the ground autonomously.
figure 1.
figure 2.
The New Type of Wind Engine
Patent 4006 B
Используются технологии uCoz
Используются технологии uCoz